Wolves of the Wild

There the she/wolf was as black as midnight with no stars, no moon. Her name? Midnight. She was hunting in the woods a little while from her den. Midnight had just had cubs; hungry cubs. Midnight was a strong and powerful wolf. With emeralds that glinted in an almost unnatural way for eyes.
A hare was right in front of her nibbling on a flower. Padding softly Midnight snuck up on the creature. When she sprang out the poor hare didn’t have a chance.  She ate it and headed back to her cave so that she could give her babies milk. When she got there all three cubs scrambled toward their mother. Kacona was all black like Midnight, except for her amber eyes. Snowdrift on the other hand was all white, except for one black line running down her back. The last cub was the complete opposite of Snowdrift, and had magnificent green eyes. This cub’s name was Blackstorm. Midnight allowed the other cubs to come forward, but told Snowdrift to wait until the other cubs were done When Kacona was done eating Snowdrift tried to come forward earning a sharp whack on the nose from Midnight “I told you to WAIT” growled Midnight. . For some reason that Snowdrift couldn’t fathom Midnight was always mean to her. Midnight would spend all day with the other cubs; teaching them how to hunt, and would groom them until their coats shone. Snowdrift however was left to learn on her own. No one taught her how to hunt, and she certainly didn’t have her coat groomed. No, Snowdrift learned all by herself.   Snowdrift sent fear into any creatures in the forest heart. The other cubs soon would not play fight with her, “She’s too weak” They would say, but Snowdrift knew it another way: they feared her. Snowdrift’s muscles became fit and strong. Her mind was more active than all of her littermates combined. This is only the beginning though, Snowdrift had more to face.

               Chapter 1
                         Two years later
Snowdrift had been hunting for 3 hours when she first spotted it. The plumpest wild turkey she had ever seen. She was just one, step away. Snowdrift pounced! She killed it and, when she was about to bite into it she had a flashback. Back to when she was a cub…Midnight nudged a turkey toward Snowdrift and her litter mates. Kacona was the first to the turkey, then Blackstorm, and finally Snowdrift. Snowdrift was about to take a bite when suddenly a rope fell over Midnight’s head. Midnight yelped in surprise and tried to break the rope. She struggled with the rope, and finally gave up and said, “I will return.” and was pulled away. “Mother!” Kacona and Blackstorm shouted. Snowdrift however was eating the turkey in the corner. Kacona turned on her, “This is your fault” she growled, “Go away and never come back.”
“No” Snowdrift answered “You leave; Mom isn’t here to protect you. I will fight for this den.”
“Fine!” Kacona growled. “Come on Blackstorm.”
They left, and Snowdrift sat feeling cold and alone even just her littermates were better than…Snowdrift shook her head to clear the memory away.    She still had a turkey to eat.



                  Chapter 2

When Snowdrift had finished eating the turkey she started back to her cave. On the way back she heard leaves rustling and branches breaking. Snowdrift froze her fur bristling when suddenly a pale-face appeared. The pale-face had a rope and was riding a horse! Before Snowdrift knew what was happening the pale-face threw the rope over her head. Snowdrift lunged at the pale-face only to find another rope catch and

pull her down. When she got she was quickly pulled away.

The pale-faces brought Snowdrift to a place where a bunch of pale-faces were staring not, just at her but at even more helpless animals in cages. Then she saw something that made her freeze up! A cage full of wolves. When the pale-faces opened the door Snowdrift thought for a minute that they were going to let the wolves out. Boy was she wrong! Instead of letting the wolves out they put her in. Snowdrift barked and tried to bite and claw the pale-faces but it didn’t work, she was put in all the same. When the door closed behind her Snowdrift whipped around and banged on the door with her front paws. Then she ran around howling. Eventually though she tuckered herself out and went to sit down on a nice sunny rock. Snowdrift had only just put her head down to rest when, suddenly a shadow cast over her.  She looked up into a black she/wolfs green eyes.
“What are you doing on my rock” Snarled the she-wolf “Get off!”
Snowdrift made no move to get up and said “Why should I”
 “Because I said so” Replied the other wolf. Snowdrift got the feeling that this wolf was not very pleasant to be around and replied, “No, If you want this rock you will have to wait until I’m done.”
The she-wolf stared at her for a few seconds before replying “Oh, Snowdrift you wouldn’t argue with your own mother would you?”  The words that came out of the she-wolf’s mouth were annoyingly sweet. This made Snowdrift cautious, but being who she was she asked “Who are you, and how do you know my name?”
To which the she-wolf replied “I am your mother Midnight you idiot, and I think that answers both questions.” replied the she-wolf.

Chapter 3
“WHAT” Yelped Snowdrift “B-but you can’t be Midnight she was…”
“Taken away by pale-faces” finished Midnight.
“So you really are my mom” Snowdrift said in awe. “Well than all the more reason for me not to give you this rock” She growled , coming back to her senses,  “you made my cub hood miserable” rage filled Snowdrift. How dare her mom come now and boss her around.
 “Snowdrift!” Said Midnight “I thought I taught you better than that”
 “You taught the other cubs” yelped Snowdrift so loud that some off the other wolves looked over to see what the commotion was but Snowdrift ignored the stares, “You taught the other cubs” She went on still yelping, attracting more stares from the pale-faces, “But left me to figure it out on my own.” Snowdrift was standing now, back arched and tail straight up. She felt as if the fury inside her would make her explode.
Midnights lips curled back. “I did that because you look like your father.” Growled Midnight “One day your father disappeared I had loved him and was sad he was gone. Until he came back and with another she/wolf.  I chased them both off. Then I had my pups and was overjoyed. At last some company. Until I saw you. Yes you had black on you but only on your back. The rest was white.” Midnight paused “I am sorry you thought that I was mean please, please forgive me” Snowdrift looked straight into Midnight’s green eyes and laughed, she laughed because her mother looked so incredibly like the mean wolf she was. Midnights words were kind, but her face was like stone, hard and cold.
“You think it’s that easy, that ‘sorry’ is going to do anything.  Well it isn’t so get it into your head. I am no longer a helpless pup, you no power over me.” Snowdrift sensed the other wolves walk slowly towards them, but she didn’t care. “My whole life I wondered about how to get revenge on you, so here we are. I am the better, but if you are as smart you will see that and not challenge me.”
“Foolish pup! You think you can challenge me? I am your mother, whatever ‘power’ you possess I can double!”
The pale-faces were saying something to a green one. The last thing Snowdrift saw before Midnight pounced was a single white wolf outside of the ring of cages.
Midnights attack caught Snowdrift off guard for only a moment. The on good thing about having to fight for your share of milk or fresh-kill as a pup is that you learn to fend for your-self. Snowdrift spun around and swatted at Midnights exposed belly. As her claws swept through the air she realized that the gate had opened.  She forgot about the gate as soon as she hit Midnight’s flesh.
Midnight yowled in pain and did not register the fact that a wolf ¾ of her size was about to beat her. Something, some feeling that Midnight had never experienced before set in, fear. Hard cold fear. In that one moment where Midnight froze Snowdrift pounced, and Midnight was defeated, or rather stuck.
“Surrender?” Asked Snowdrift.
“Never” Midnight spat, “I will not surrender to any wolf, especially not you!”
Finally though, despite midnight’s desperate struggles, it became apparent that midnight would not be getting away until she surrendered.
“All right,” She called at last, “I give up”
“Better” Snowdrift said, “Do you accept me as your better?”
“If you get off me I will”
“Do I have your word?”
Snowdrift got up. As soon as she did Midnight leapt up. Only to fall back down again. Snowdrift spun around just in time to see the green pelted pale-face with a long stick before the stick made a loud noise. She instantly felt a searing pain in her shoulder. Than blackness; complete and utter blackness.

Chapter 4  
Snowdrift woke to find herself in what was a miniature size of the cage she had been in before. There was a hard shiny roof, with bars running down to the floor. The floor was just like the roof. Snowdrift looked around and saw, with horror that she was in a pale-face den.
“Let me out!” She screeched.
“They won’t here you, or care for that matter.” Said a voice. Snowdrift looked down and saw a cat. A cream colored tabby cat was sitting gazing up at Snowdrift through blue eyes.
“Who are you?” Snowdrift asked cautiously not sure what to expect.
“A cat”
“Obviously, but your name?”
“Not of much importance sense you are most likely going back, but my name is Ginger.”
"Ginger, eh?"
"Yeah." Ginger the cat muttered "Hey look! Here come people."
Sure enough, around the bend came 5 green pelted pale-faces.

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