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I ran through the woods. Sweat dripped from my forehead, staining leaves as I passed. My legs ached with effort, yet still I ran. Even with my cat agility I was running out of breath. The letter in my hand was becoming wet with sweat. My fear of failure kept me running. Finally I saw it. A black opal palace looming in the distance. I amped up my speed as much as I could. I had to make it. As the boiling hissing lava moat neared I transformed into a cat and leaped across  As I flew towards the stony path on the other side I transformed back into a cat demon. I looked up and the stones reflected of my green cat-eyes. I landed and my tail brushed against the lava, singing my demon tail. I yowled and shot toward the wall. I climbed it quickly and slipped into the throne room. I wanted to heave for air, yet I didn't allow myself to show weakness.
     A dark Magician sat in front of me looking almost shocked, yet more amused to see me. "I didn't expect to see a dignified demon used as a messenger."
     "Just take the letter!" I hissed thrusting it into his lap.
     "Dignified as ever." He chuckled "Go back to your master and tell him your fire is safe.
     "He's not my master" I growled, though I knew that he could make me do whatever he pleased. He was the posesser of my fire. My heart fluttered at the thought of what could happen should he decide to douse my flame.
     "Sure, tell yourself that." The Magician said with a twisted smile. I hissed and left.
     I sat at the base of a tree, making a spear out of a sturdy stick. More to get my frustration out than anything.I finished my perfect point, and sawed it off. It was so stupid. Me, a DEMON was controlled by a MORTAL. I won't kid you, I could die. I wouldn't die naturally, I had to be killed. If you aimed to kill my spirit however you would need to quench my fire. My body would exist, I would simply be a mindless, dangerous, zombie. There wouldn't be an ounce of willpower in me. I wouldn't know feeling, unless ordered to. No corner of my mind would know who I was.
     I broke off another point that I had made on my spear. I sighed and got up to go back to my unwanted master.

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