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Chapter 1

 I sat in the dungeon, smelled the stench, and lamented my loss. The loss of my battle, the loss of my honor.
I heard the cries of other knights. Before my lost battle I would have called them cowards, but now I myself felt like crying out. Only my determination to remain strong for the last ounce of honor I had kept me quiet. The battle had done more than give me scars, it had stripped me of my rank, and my honor.
I stared at my reflection in the grimy window, my long, auburn hair cascading over my shoulders, betraying my identity as a girl.
I sighed heavily knowing my honor could never, no matter what I did, be restored. i wouldn't be permitted to leave the castle walls.
If I ever got home. If I survived. If my kingdom allowed me to survive.
My heart ached at what my kingdom would think, I might as well have betrayed them. I may be one of the smartest, and fastest fighters, but none of that would matter. I was a girl. We were there to cook and clean. I had slipped in to the army as a boy. I thought I could keep up the act. I was wrong, my hair had betrayed when the enemy had ripped off my helmet.
My fellow knights refused to help me escape, and wouldn't let me help them. I was unsure of my fate. Would I be killed? Would I be held forever until I died? Would I be released? Could I escape?
I wanted to escape, if only to tell my kingdom what I had done. I saw nothing wrong with being a girl, but my kingdom did. If I was to die, I wanted to be known as the girl who screwed up, but admitted who I was. Not the traitor who hid her identity from her kingdom.
One thing for sure, I would never be the same, poor orphan who lived by herself on a farm. Ever.

Chapter 2
They came for me in the early morning. Big buff guys shoved into armor with a sword stuffed in their hands. 
"Get up!" One of them barked at me. I did as I was told, but was already making a plan of escape. "Arms in the air!" He barked again.I obligingly put them up, but was waiting for the squeak of the hinges that hinted they were coming in. Squeak! There it was! Instantly I dashed toward the door in the vain hope that I would escape.

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