Can't think of a title!!!

I stepped toward the dance floor, pulling my silver party mask closer to my nose as I
walked. I scanned the room looking for Dark-Angel hunters, the ones hunting me. I
shifted my white painted wings as if all could see through the paint to the black it
concealed. I caught my face in a gold bowl and noticed that my eyes were still red. I
blinked, changing the red to teal blue. Soft and innocent, a perfect Angel. My name is
Viper, but I am known as the one I left with a dagger in her side, Rayla.
I brushed aside all thoughts and stepped the one step onto the dance floor. I spun
to get a better look around without drawing attention to myself. When I was confident
that I wouldn’t be discovered I slipped into the music and enjoyed the rest of the night.
Chapter 1:
Hi, I'm Viper, and I'm a Dark Angel. Not by choice, my mom was a psycho maniac, and Dark Angel-hood is passed on. Even if I were to try to be perfect, the Angel Society would never accept me into the Angel world, my wings were to black.

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