Really Sad Story about a bird That I Found Dead

A small head poked its head out of a small egg. The little bluebird looks about out of the small nest at the wide, cruel, world. The world that had stolen her father. The story her mother told over and over as she grew up. “Your father went out trying to find food, only to become food himself. For a cat!” The mother would hiss angrily. This story was one to keep the chicks away from the cat. That was not to be. This world was known to the birds as Home, but to the humans as Diamond Ridge Stables. The bluebird chick was named Peace. Her sister, Hope. Together they spilled mischief throughout the nest. Their brother, Loyalty, was cautious however, and when the time came that Peace and Hope left the nest, he stayed. Peace was never to see his vibrant feathers again. She never returned to that nest. Her fiery temper drove her to pester the cat, despite many warnings. Hope tried to stop her, but one day it was beyond her ability to stop Peace. “Please!” She pleaded, “Don’t go, you may not come back. What would dad want?”

“For me to try.” Peace replied calmly, staring at the offending black cat with fiery black eyes.

“Don’t go!” Hope pleaded again. In response Peace unfurled her wings and flew to a piece of wood lying near the cat and stared. She saw the cat come closer, but didn’t move. The cat pounced, but Peace dodged and pecked the cat on the head with her sharp beak. She couldn’t have guessed what came next. The cat flipped in midair and snatched Peace out of the air. Hope looked away but couldn’t escape the screech of agony that shrilled through the air. Peace didn’t give up easily. She pecked that foul beast between the eyes, just above the sneering nose of the demon, who stole the life of a father and would now claim another trophy. Peace wasn’t done yet, she saw she was going to die, and planned to take the cat with her to meet her father one last time. The cat yowled as sharp talons dug into her neck, but not strong enough. The cat took tight hold and snap!

      Hope looked back, hoping it was a dream, but the only limp figure was her sister’s. The screech that then tore the air made Peace’s first look like a coo. Hope flew blindly back to her birth nest and told, between sobs, her mother what had happened. The mother’s wild rage scarred the cat for life, but didn’t help her daughter. The cat then dragged the body and put it on a box to rot.

The mother came and sobbed by her daughter’s side. When suddenly a flicker of hope arose in her, the bird was not cold. “I..Love…You!” The last words escaped through a breathless beak, before turning cold. The mother resumed her sobs. A door opens. A light comes on. The mother quickly Leaps for the old saddles, and hides. Only a CD player hides her daughter’s body. A dog gets tied. The three girls, two 12 and one 8, look for something for the dog.  One girl with shortish blondish hair moves the player, and gasps. The small body lies there, in silence with her last agonized breath still formed on the beak. “What?” The other girl with curly reddish, brownish, long hair. “A-a bird!” The first girl, Fyra stutters.

      “A live one?” Flicka, the second 12 year old asks in disbelief.

      “No!” Fyra says “A dead one. The cat must have killed it.”

      “Ohhh,” Flicka sighs, “The poor thing!”

      They dig a small hole and surround it with gentle sayings one stone was, Bluebird, Peace, August 16th 2012 another, May your spirit forever soar       May the ground never claim your spirit, All of our friends, family, and everyone who knew you will forever miss   That’s what the stones of injustice said for the little blue bird, Peace. They stood their, before entering the barn again. The mother bird stares amazed that three chicks of this nature destroying creatures would recognize this small creature as an equal, to be respected. Just before she flies down, the girls come out again with a dog, a predator. He seems, however, to be respecting the mound of dirt. They leave.

      Birds fly down, Loyalty first, who sobs that his lasts word were “You fool for leaving this sanctuary.” Hope sobs “Why couldn’t I have tried harder,” The mother however spends the whole night there, in memory of her daughter.

The End


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